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In today’s world, when interest in social platforms peaks, it has become almost impossible to end that day without looking at social media applications such as Facebook during the day. Every day, many people go to social media like Facebook on their lunch breaks, on their way home or to work, at home at leisure, or when they’re bored, and they see what’s going on on the timeline.

In We are Social’s “Most Visited Sites in Turkey” survey, Facebook ranked 4th most visited with approximately 17million monthly visits. It is at the top of the ranking as a site. You can also tell how much Facebook is used from here.

Facebook is actually an advertising medium where you can reach very large and accurate audiences alongside a social media platform where daily time is spent! A person who wants to advertise the newly established workplace can set up a Facebook page of the workplace. From here, you can communicate information about their products, content details, customer and publish product prices. For people who want to bring their business to a greater customer portfolio, Facebook is a must-use social media platform.

A person who opens a page for the workplace starts advertising their store within Facebook with the various content they post on their page, but it may not be so easy for your audience to find you without providing advertising services on social media platforms like Facebook.That’s where Facebook ads come in.

Typically, once you start sharing content through your newly opened social media accounts, the customer portfolio that knows the workplace in the first place searches and follows the relevant pages. From this point on, your business will start to reach its potential target audience with the Facebook advertising services you will receive. On Facebook’s own search engine systems, if the person in your audience has previously entered the search engine with similar words about your line of business, they will then start seeing your ads on their timeline. Thus, the advertiser will reach a larger and more accurate customer portfolio.

Advertising on Facebook is very easy to see when viewed; however, there are many different factors behind the work and a process managed by an AI algorithm. So if you want to advertise your business in many different media offered by Facebook, such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and in-stream channels, Consulix Digital’s experienced digital marketing team is always ready to help you manage your business’s successful ads and make your voice heard in the digital world!